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Friday, September 19, 2008

8 Things Tagged By Janalyn

The # 8 Tagged by Janalyn

8 Things I am Passionate About:

1) Teaching 2) Music 3) Special Education 4) My testimony 5) Family 6) My di-cut machine 7) Peanut butter 8) shopping with my mommy

8 Words or Phrases I Say Often:

1) Cool beans 2) Freakin' heck 3) what the heck 4) I try... 5)I Love you!! 6) You wish. 7) I think I'm going to die 8) Whatever

8 Things I want to do before I Die:

1) Have a family 2) visit all the Disneylands in the world 3) buy a green Jetta 4) Teach 5) Serve a mission (hopefully with someone else, but if not that's okay) 6) Go to New Zealand (get to check this one off in February 7) bunjee jump 8) Graduate :)

8 Things I Have Learned From my Past:

1) It's not your fault. 2) be concerned about your future, you'll be in it the rest of your life. 3) It takes too much energy to be angry 4) Never give up 5) Be thankful for the little things. 6) Take time for you. 7) you can never say "I love you" too often 8) Don't worry about it.

8 Places I Would Love to Go or See:

1) New Zealand 2) Russia 3) Europe 4) Israel 5) Egypt 6) Italy 7) Switzerland 8) Alaska

8 Things I Currently Need or Want:

1) Something really good to happen. Right now. I'm sick of waiting. 2) ELED department to fix their act up! 3)Clean apartment. Please, roommates! 4) Time 5) A teaching job after graduation 6) Vacation 7) A new car. 8) People to join my stake choir!

8 people I tag:

Everyone has already been tagged! I tag Alli!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So, I should probably update this...

School is a few weeks in now and I'm getting everything under my belt. The ELED program is busy, but not too hard. I'm waiting on the study abroad office to let me knowif I'm goign to New Zealand and I'm so anxious to hear if I got accepted!

Oakridge is good and my roommates are fun. All three of them are freshman and they're super excited to be at school. It keeps me excited too!