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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, August 5, 2011

More Wedding Pics from our Photographers Blog

Our photographer put some wedding pictures on her blog. She's amazing and you can link to her website/pricing/other projects too!
Thanks Erin!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Pictures

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedding Pictures are Here!

Our wedding pictures are here...but we're running around doing stuff. When we get a second we'll post more!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fourth of July & Nicklecade

Here's some pictures chronicling our life since the Fourth of July!

Cory and I helped Mike and Charisty at the West Jordan Stampede!

I made a cake for our Fourth of July BBQ!
 Cory making hamburgers for the BBQ!
Our new washer and dryer was delivered on the Fourth too! Thanks Grandma Lynne & Grandpa Craig and everyone who gave us cash for the wedding! We love them! 
 Cory's parents and brother at the BBQ
 Cory grilling and Mike hanging out.
Mike and Charisty enjoying the weather. 
Dane caught a butterfly! 
 Cory and the boys playing frisbee.
Dane and Mom happy to be here! 
 Our ward had a crockpot cookoff contest. I won the dessert section and helped the girls take the victory! For my prize I got a hex wrench set! Whoo hoo!
 Cory and I went to Nicklecade for a date night!
 Cory likes the taxi driver game!
 He won the jackpot!!
I've always wanted to drive a semi--but the game was broken!

Cory playing the Star Wars game!

We're loving being married! 

Ultimate Crime Fighting Team

My sister in law posted her Ultimate Crime Fighting Team and she posted Cory and I's too!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Almost 3 Weeks

I can't believe I've been married for almost three weeks! The temple was beautiful and the carnival was everything I had ever hoped it would be! Also, Cory surprised me at our rehearsal dinner by having skype hooked up so I could talk with my grandparents in Cambodia. It was such a wonderful gift!

 I couldn't stop crying! Here's a few more photos from our wedding day bliss!

We had to make 500 cupcakes!
Coming out of the temple! Oquirrh Mountain Temple is beautiful!

My and my besties!

Mike conducted a ring ceremony for us and our family who couldn't be in the temple with us.

going down the blow-up slide!

Yummy snow-cones!

cutting the cake

Leaving for our honeymoon!

I'll post more pictures as we get them! Yay for married life!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wedding Prep

Whew, what a crazy couple of weeks! My student teacher finished working in my classroom which is so sad! I got so much done with her there and now I'm scrambling. Soleil is an amazing teacher and has become such a good friend! Last week I had my bachelorette party at El Toro Viejo. It was so much fun! I'm grateful for good friends like Stephanie, Janalyn and Crista for throwing the party! I got some fun gifts including a week-long honeymoon kit from Morgan which was hilarious!

This weekend Morgan graduated from USU. I'm so proud of her! She received Most Outstanding Senior for the Health Education Department--she totally deserves it! We also packed up my apartment except for my bedroom and my parents took it down to Salt Lake. Morgan was able to set her stuff up and now the apartment is hers! That makes everything feel like it's coming! One month, three days till the wedding. I CAN'T WAIT!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Apartment Hunting...and yes, it felt like hunting!

Cory and I found a place to live! I could not be more relieved. Here is a little run-down of how our apartment hunting went.
I scoured and other online sites to find appropriate appartments in our price range. Then I transferred each apartment/house to a 3x5 notecard complete with a section for ratings. Ratings would go from 1-5 in the areas of location, kitchen, bathroom, cost and overall. I sorted these notecards by zipcode and address to make our hunting easier. Then we had to wait until a weekend when the weather wasn't awful to drive around the Salt Lake valley.

So finally the weekend came. Cory had to go to a service project for a class so we decided that I would take the west side of the valley and look at apartments there. Ugh, how awful. First off, I am so spoiled living in Logan. My apartment is huge considering what I pay for it, which is very reasonable! So in looking at all the other places the only thing that kept running through my head was too small, too expensive, too grimy, bad location. I'm so picky. The only place I really liked was in subsidised housing and because I have a degree and a full time job and Cory works too, we make too much money to live there.

Cory finished up at the project and I picked him up to continue looking. We searched downtown, Sugarhouse and Midvale. Nothing I liked. One place smelt so badly of cat pee I thought I would die. Another place that was okay on price and location was so tiny! I felt very dejected. Cory was sweet and let me pick where we had lunch so we went to my favorite--Paradise Bakery! After my favorite salad and a sandwich and, I admit, two cookies, I was ready to go again. No luck.

My dad had heard of a condominium that would be for rent soon through one of his employees. We called the guy but didn't hear back. Finally, we gave up. We decided to try again once the wedding was closer. But I was so stressed out about it. I wanted a for sure place to live so I didn't feel like I was in limbo. We went back to Cory's house. Then Cory's phone rang. It was the landlord for the condo. He and Cory talked for a good 10 minutes and we decided to go over and see the apartment (my dad had given us the wrong address before). When we walked in, it felt perfect! Good sized family room, the kitchen wasn't too small. There was room for a stacking washer/dryer, 2 beds 2 baths and a little balcony. And best of all, the current tennant was moving out May 15 so we could move in two weeks later.

Cory and I loved it, but we decided to say a prayer to make sure this was the place for us. We drove back to his house, got on our knees and Cory prayed. We received the confirmation that this was the place for us. Cory called the landlord and he said the place was ours! No crazy applications or background checks since he knows my dad!

I am so relieved! The location is great, Cory can get to the U in 20 minutes and it's central enough for wherever I get a job (that's the next big stressor!). Now it's all in the waiting, and packing. Yuck.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Engagment Pictures

Wow! It has been crazy since Cory and I got engaged. Wedding plans are going so well! We're having a CARNIVAL instead of a reception which is super exciting! Cotton candy, bounce houses, popcorn and other carnival games!

I just got our engagement photos so I thought I'd post some. We took them at Lagoon which was such a fun experience. We took pictures in the morning and rode rides all afternoon!

Friday, March 18, 2011

June 11, 2011

I'M GETTING MARRIED! On June 11, 2011, I get to marry Cory Robinson in the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple. I am so excited I cannot even stand it! We are having a carnival celebration instead of a reception so that means no dressing up and boring lines! We're having cotton candy and popcorn and BOUNCE HOUSES! It is going to be amazing! Cory and I have known each other for 2 1/2 years, but started dating more seriously in December. I am so in love with him and have been blown away by my feelings for him! Cory picked out the ring all on his own--here's a picture!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am such a horrible blogger. The holidays screwed me all up. Here are the updates-Reader's Digest version:

1. Thanksgiving was held at my house this year. Well, let me rephrase that--we had Thanksgiving at my APARTMENT. Everything went well except for me getting bronchitis and having to go to the hospital Thanksgiving morning.

2. December flew by with me being packed at school and getting ready for Christmas. Santa was good to me this year and brought me a new luggage set. It's so cute and is perfect for my travelling needs.

3. I loved spending time with my family over Christmas but it was really hard to be away from my grandparents. Luckily we got to talk with them over Skype. It was hard not to be able to give them a hug but we had a good time talking. They even sent us presents from Cambodia! I got a beautiful purple silk purse!

4. For New Year's, my cousin Jordan and his wife came over and we made candy sushi and watched a movie. Here's a picture of our super cute sushi.

5. I was able to go ice fishing with some friends. I was the first one to catch a fish! :-) It was freezing but really fun. And I brought a date which was even better!