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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reader's Digest Version of My Life

Now that I finally have internet and I've set up my router, I should start blogging again. I've never been extremely faithful doing it in the past, but I'm going to try to get better.
Reader's Digest Version of the Updates in My Life:

  • First lump of school is over with. The honeymoon phase of the first year of teaching is officially over. Being a teacher is hard. There, I've said it.
  • Talked to Darnie on the phone! I MISS NZ!
  • Started physical therapy for my 'catcher's knees.' It's more like physical torture!
  • Got the swine-flu shot. Yay for Cache County School District!
  • Decorated cookies with David for Halloween
  • Went on a couple dates.
  • Threw a bachelorette party for Crista!
  • Downloaded Skype so I can talk to Darnie and Nga
  • Finally bought me a DVD/VHS player.
  • Returned the DVD/VHS player that didn't work
  • Finished physical therapy (as long as Janalyn and I continue to go to the gym!)
  • Got a cold.

That's about it. My life isn't too exciting right now other than school, but that's kind of nice all the same. I'd post some pics if I could, but something is wrong with my blog. I'll try again later.

p.s. Visit my good friend Jaci's blog: She makes the CUTEST hats ever! Need a fun gift idea--get a hold of Jaci!