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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So I'm bumming internet off the university because this summer I was too poor to buy it and now I'm too busy to get it. I'm sitting outside the Natural Resources Building and I feel something creepy on me. IT'S A HUGE SPIDER! Monstrous! With a white spot on it's back! So I scream a little, luckily no one was around, and I flip my shoe off and the spider goes flying. Upon further inspection I see a swarm of ants eating what looks like a fry or a dried up apple slice. I keep looking for the spider so I can kill it and then I think that I invaded his space. And it's a little awful for me to think about killing something outside of the natural resources building. Sort of hypocritical. Then I see the spider again. This thing is fast and scary! And the ants are EVERYWHERE! I'm amazed that they all work together and totally creeped out at the same time. I want to move...but then I'd have to move all my stuff and I'd feel like a pansy all scared of nature. I've got the heebies. That's it...I'm moving.