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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Weekend

I'm working so much lately! In fact I'm at work right now...on overtime. But this last Friday/Saturday I got to do Night on Campus. It's an activity where students who are checking out living on campus can spend the night at the LLC and do activities with other people and our staff. It usually is an okay experience, but this time it was a blast. It's amazing to me how a small group of people can influence a larger group of people just by being crazy excited. A group of guys at Night on Campus made everything so much fun and I'm glad I met them. Kaitlyn, Morgan and I are going to go down to SLC tomorrow to hang out with them again. Be prepared for crazy stories when we're done!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shopping Spree

Since I'm now an 'adult' and I have a real job coming up in the fall, I decided I needed some new clothes for my wardrobe. Being in college put a tight pinch in my ability to buy new clothes as often as I needed them, but I received some money for taking a teacher math test and I went shopping last night. First off-my butt is huge. Second, most clothes make me look pregnant. But after 3 hours of shopping at Kohl's (my favorite place to shop other than Glasson's in NZ,) I came out with 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of pants, 5 tops and a watch. I saved over $300 because I bought winter-type clothing for when I'm teaching and I had a 30% off coupon. However, this morning I realized I didn't pull the earrings I loved out of the basket to buy them! I'm so sad, but I'm pretty sure my super-cute new shoes will make up for it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A relaxing weekend with my favorite men...

This last weekend I took time off from work and went to Island Park. My grandparents have a cabin there that they are going to be selling this summer (if anyone is interested let me know). They have decided to go on another mission and can't afford that plus two houses. The cabin has been home to many wonderful memories over the past 7-8 years and we will truly miss it. But we all know that change happens and we're all growing up and don't have a lot of time to spend there.

Anyway, I left work on Wednesday, loaded up the jeep and drove to Island Park. Except for the rain it was a wonderful drive. I got Peter and the Starcatchers on CD so I listened to that on the way up. I spent Wednesday night, Thursday and Friday morning with my grandparents. On Thursday my grandparents invitied me to see Footloose at the Playmill Theatre in West Yellowstone. It was so good!

After my grandparents left, I had the cabin to myself. So what did I do you ask? I spend my time with my favorite men (other than my dad, grandpa and brother of course). My days were filled with Rhett Butler, Doctor Zhivago and Rick Blaine. If men were more like this nowaday (with exception to Doctor Zhivago's infidelity of course) I would be a happy girl. But, alas, I am stuck with black and white representations of real men.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I love chocolate Twizzlers

So I'm in the MVT office. Yes, story of my life, I know. I just finished eating a few chocolate Twizzlers that I grabbed on my way out the door and I realized how much I like them. Licorice in general is a pretty amazing treat, but whoever came up with flavoring those twisted morsels of heaven should be praised on end.

Chocolate twizzlers are a good snack as they are made with real Hershey's chocolate and who doesn't love the feeling of biting into a Twizzler while pulling so the licorice flicks when you bite. I know, I'm rambling, but you try sitting in the MVT office with NO ONE coming and nothing else to think about because you can only be on facebook for so long before someone sends you a flair saying "I belong to facebook addicts anonymous. I've been away from my computer for 10--scratch that, 0 minutes."

Friday, June 5, 2009

I wish I was awesome like Blake

So I have nothing awesome to post like Blake always does. My blog isn't cool like his because I don't have words of wisdom or fun pictures or a Bridget Jones Moment (I'm scared of ridicule). This is my official post that Blake is awesome and he wins the official "Best Blog Award." Cue theme music.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Free to drink beer and rent cars...

It's my birthday! The infamous day where one turns 21 is here. Waking up this morning a gate had been lifted. The gate to the fields of alcohol and Hertz. Unfortunately alcohol is not in the game plan and I already have a car with no vacations in sight where I would need to be a patron to rental car facilities. However, if someone would like to take me on a vacation, I would be happy to rent the car with my drivers license that no longer needs to say "Not 21 until 6/4/2009."

Monday, June 1, 2009

Crying in the Merrill Hall Office

I finally got my pictures from New Zealand developed. Not all of them--that would have cost over $100. But a good amount. I'm sitting here in the Merrill Office and I'm writing on the back the dates/names/places I remember so I don't forget. And then I realize. I've been home over a month. I look at a picture of Darnie and I at Rotorua getting ready to go down the luge and I can't stop them...the tears are streaming. In the middle of my office shift I'm crying. I got to talk to Darnie last night but it is not the same. I miss her. I miss Nga. I miss my barefoot students and butter chicken and laying out in the sun on a Sunday afternoon. New Zealand is my second home. I will never be the same after being there. I became a better person, a stronger person. So I will wipe my tears and vow that I will be back. Soon.