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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rebellious without being obvious.

So, after a day at lunch with Janalyn and Stephanie for Janalyn's birthday, I didn't have much to do with my day. I read a book, did some laundry, and cleaned the house. I hear laughing in the other room from my roommates and lo and behold--they bought purple hair dye.

I have discussed, at length, the rebelliousness of college students with my good friend Blake, and have come to the conclusion that freshman and senior college students are the most rebellious. Freshman are eager to test the new-found waters of independence, whereas the seniors are looking for one last blast before graduation. My roommates fall under the freshman category, I under the senior.

So, with only a moment's hesitation, I joined my roommates in the bathroom, parted my hair and set to work. After 30 minutes, I had a streak of purple running through my hair. My roommates were all just as excited to see how their's turned out. Ashley's was fine, Julia's was almost nonexistant, and Caitlin's...well, she has more rainbowed hair. Bleached roots that go pink then purple at the ends. Oh dear....

So today, we decided to try again. This time I took the reins, I re-dyed Caitlin's rainbow and touched up Ashley's section. I also decided to try to get mine a little darker and added another section on the other side of my hair. All in all, I feel quite awesome. As Blake said it, I'm rebellious without being obvious, and I'm okay with that.

p.s. I'll post pictures as soon as I can find my camera's MIA