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Monday, March 15, 2010

A random and yet hilarious train of thought...

So yesterday I was watching a little television in my room. A commercial came on for a pregnancy test claiming that 1 in 4 women misread a pregnancy test.

Thought #1: How can you misread a pregnancy test. One line not pregnant, two lines pregnant. If the lines are fuzzy then your test isn't accurate. It's not that you misread it, you can't read it. If you misread it, you must be blind. Which led to...

Thought #2: How DO blind women take pregnancy tests? Do they make auditory ones that say "Pregant" or "Not pregnant." Do you tell it beforehand whether you want to be pregnant or not so that the voice sounds chipper when you get what you want? Or do they make tests that vibrate once for not pregnant twice for pregnant--but no, that would me VERY messy. What about pregnancy tests in braille...again, messy.

While this may be a little politically incorrect...I thought it was a funny train of thought.

And if any of you can answer my question- Do they make pregancy tests for the visually impaired? Let me know!